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Who are us?


  • Our Team :

Our company reached cruising speed about a decade ago with a team of enthusiastic and passionate professionals specializing in air transport.

Ours is a complex and constantly-growing sector, governed by a set of rules that we know by heart to provide you with solutions that meet your needs. For the past two decades, providing solid safety guarantees, we have established strong ties with our partners, who we select not just for their competitiveness but also for their reliability and the quality of their services. This means we have total control over the entire chain, from aircraft leasing with crew, to registration and boarding, to on-board services and the provision of specific services, to guarantee you real-time flight monitoring 24/7.

We have chosen to work with a small team, on a human scale, where trust and availability are more than mere words; we need to maintain total control over our activity in order to meet your needs under the best conditions possible.

In this way, we seek to earn the loyalty of both our employees (all our staff members have been with us for over five years) and our clients. We put all of our skills at your service.