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Our references


They have put their trust in us, and we thank them for it; we are committed to establishing long-lasting commercial relations with both our clients and our suppliers. This is how we have developed skills in a variety of areas:


Over the past 20 years, our in-depth knowledge of the French out-going market has allowed us to offer viable solutions for many general and specialized tour operators. Look Voyages, Go Voyages, Nouvelles Frontières, Thomas Cook, Antipodes, Fram, Plein Vent, Thalasso n°1, Croisieurope, etc. have all joined us as our company has taken flight.

Our development began with French companies to whom we have remained loyal from Day One. We are faithful to the flying partners who have joined us along the way: in 1997, we chartered our first flight from the brand-new Czech airline, Travel Service. Sixteen years later, we transport over 100 000 passengers together every year.

For the past 12 years, AVIFRANCE has partnered with the Franco-Austrian tour operator, Travel Europe, managing, scheduling and assisting them with their flight plans across France, in summer and winter in Eastern Europe, Croatia, Madeira, etc. (representing 300 to 400 flights and some 40 000 passengers each year).

More recently, foreign tour operators have called on us to manage part of their scheduling in the Mediterranean Basin (Israel-Croatia, Ireland-Croatia, etc.).


For the past 20 years, AVIFRANCE has been providing air logistics for the world-famous Dakar rally, in Western Africa, and for the past five years in South America:

– plane leasing: for guests, the organizing team and vehicle and equipment transport, as well as emergency repatriations

– logistics: with monitoring of operations and on-site coordination

For the past decade, we have had the pleasure of transporting the guests of a major corporation every winter to the stadiums of the Six Nations tournament, and to safely carry a major League 1 team throughout their season.


Over the past four years, AVIFRANCE has been responsible for assisting project management in organizing and monitoring observation campaigns of sea mammals in seas and oceans around the world.


Major institutions regularly use our services to transport their precious goods: major car makers have called on us when launching new models.


Do you need a private jet for business or pleasure, a helicopter to fly over a tourist or industrial site? We can provide one and will do our utmost to make your trip a success. State agencies regularly call on us for these types of operations and it has been our pleasure to assist them. For example, following the Libyan conflict and the overthrow of Gadhafi, we organized travel for senior officials and decision makers to Misurata.


Another string in our bow are the ties we have established over the years with a variety of players in the air traffic sector, meaning we can provide aircraft for short, medium or long-term leasing. We’re always ready to establish new partnerships, but we never forget those that have allowed AVIFRANCE to become what it is today: a serious and reliable company, proud of the trust we have earned.

– Most of our activity during the winter season is divided between tour operating (routing passengers to the Canary Islands from Paris, Lyon or Nantes) and preparing and monitoring air logistics for the Dakar rally.

– Our traffic rises significantly starting in April. We serve a variety of destinations: in addition to the Canary Islands, we also serve the Baleares, Andalusia, Sicily, Sardinia, Greece and Crete, Peloponnese and Croatia. Departures are from all across France: Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Lille, Metz, Mulhouse, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Brest. We can also provide departures from Ireland and Israel.